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"The book strikes a unique balance in making physics fun and not compromising necessary conceptual information. It reaches students at their level.. Material is made accessible by employing the kind of style that many students can connect to..."

- Germano S. Iannacchione Associate Professor/Department Head Worcester Polytechnic Institute



"This book is freaking awesome. Right brainers like myself have to train the left side of our brain to even complete science stuff. These pictures are the teacher that I need to explain complex ideas and equations. Simply brilliant and hilarious. Physics made simple. Whod a thought it? "

  - Amanda Wise (Psyhiphobic)



"This book is truly original. The illustrations are catchy, and the humor is enjoyable, which will make the principles more easily remembered. I can't think of a book currently on the market that combines learning the difficult discipline of classical physics with entertainment like this one does."

- Bob Gillies, MNS QCC Professor, head member of National Education Association Board of Directors Author of Instrumentation and Measurement for Electronics Technicians



"The book (Vol III) is very good... It is fun to read and difficult concepts are made easy to understand."

- Dr. Bridget C. Hendricks, O.D., M.S., F.A.A.OQCC Attending Optometrist, Boston Medical Center Assistant Professor of Optometry, The New England College of Optometry



"Don't waste your money paying $30 000 on an education like I did when you can learn the same stuff on your own from books like this..

 - "Chief-Rocker" and disgruntled science student Mita Guolnoez,



"If ya' have to learn this crap [for school], you might as well enjoy it "

-- Joel Redmond, student and avid reader



"Hopefully, its never to late change the trend in education for the majority of students in public schools who completely suck at the maths and sciences.."

- Derik Brown, Professional Mass Maritime sailboat racer/ Mechanical Engineering student



"This is a book that simplifies physics into an easy to understand format and expounds upon principles using comic illustrations for the visual learner. Its actually fun to peruse through even if Im not a science geek! "

 - Allison Julia. 2009



"Wow. This thing is the real deal.. Hopefully you can translate this thing in Spanish. We could use it here in Mexico.."

   - Fernando Pozos



 "Yeah, I agree Get this book and decrease the chance of having to pay $3000 and repeat a class in school. Worked for me "

-John Fernando, Class of 2010 University of Rochester



 "A great book for touching up on complicated subjects in the sciences. Funny, unique, entertaining, and original at the same time."

- Priscilla Sanos, Engineering student



"[This book] reaches an audience that traditional physics books don't get. A lot of science and physics books have illustrations, but not the intriguing kind these books include. I'm a visual learner, so I could process the same info found in this book in a fraction of the time that I would while reading a regular physics textbook. It doesn't just keep you engaged with the content, it sparks your interest!"

- Alan Weene Adjunct Faculty, Dean College



" This unconventional approach is more easily understood, yet no less compelling for anyone who admittedly sucks at math and science "     

-- Joe Curran, former science phobe