What is Jack Dogg Physics ™️


Jack Dogg Physics™️ is a movement. We design educational literature and other media for those who were not naturally gifted at comprehending subjects like physics and other STEM related sciences with the traditional tools and textbooks that have unsuccessfully attempted to educate  80 percent of the world’s population who don’t learn the STEM subjects so easily.  

Who's the Creative behind JDP?


Jack Dogg Physics™️ is the brainchild of Claudio Salazar M.Sc. B.M.Eng.  (Masters in Science / STEM education and a Bachelors in Engineering  Worcester Polytechnic Institute).

C.S. has a quirky sense of humor and excels at thinking outside of the box which is prevalent in the books. They have been developed over 10+ years and tested in classrooms he has taught in both high school and college courses.



C. S. began his science career funnily enough hating science and failing classes. It wasn't until he realized that he is predominantly right brained and science is generally taught in a very linear left brain way with dry textbooks and memorization instead of engaging and understanding at the forefront.

Upon noticing this he began to realize he actually had an advantage if he could SOMEHOW figure out that dry way of learning - he would be practically unstoppable. Well by being diligent he did. He graduated with a Masters in Physics Education and a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. 

From this he's been on a mission to make science and specifically physics more accessible especially to those students who lean more creative. 


A Note from the author


As the world complexifies itself with more issues, such as climate change, civil unrest, disease, and a widening gap in good education being available to those that need it the most,  Jack Dogg Physics ™️ is a resource geared to provide the stepping stones needed for students and workers to learn skills that make a difference in solving the bigger problems for humanity. 


 For the most part as of now for most people, being a trailblazer who's making a difference in things has been limited to the privileged few fortunate enough to have access to a good science teacher or a school system that understands that 80 percent of the population is not wired to initially learn the sciences readily through a traditional curriculum taught in most public schools. The stats speak for themselves;


The amount of graduates who have little conceptual understanding of subjects like physics reinforce this truth and thus, humanity is robbed of new scientists and a talent pool of creativity that could otherwise have provided even more ingenious solutions to help humanity in energy, food shortages, affordable medicine, fighting climate change, and the list goes on.


 Over ten years ago I designed a series of physics 'comic' textbooks books called 'Jack Dogg's Compendium guide to Forces' and 'Jack Dogg Physics ™️' to combat this problem: create literature that will give average student who was more artistic but not initially scientific, who learned better through visuals that were actually funny and entertaining rather than the cookie cutter stock images pasted in science books interned to keep physics 'fun for kids' but in reality were nothing more than cringey attempts to disguise lesson plans. I've always felt science literature should be functional and technical, but it does not have to be 'boring' per say, and art and creativity -- something that could takes pride in work could be blended in even something like a physics book. Just imagine the possibilities!


So over ten years ago, knowing that there must be millions of students just like me that are forgotten and 'left behind' in the grand scheme of things as the industrial world turns, I set about designing a piece of literature that works as a visual narrative that's humorous, entertaining, and subconsciously profound in its ability to let students visually picture the abstract physics phenomena come to life --- every thing a traditional high school and freshman college level text book would offer, but in a much more user friendly way to learn physics. I didn't just stop with physics comic texts books either, but continued to design the prototypes for educational card games, board game ideas and the layouts for unique video games which can subliminally teach players to memorize physics concepts and actual equations while getting lost in entertaining gameplay.


But as for 'Jack Dogg' the comic 'textbook' With its 'far side '-like charm, 'Jack Dogg' is entertaining, for sure, but it is indeed useful for learning the equivalent curricula found in honors high school physics, AP high school physics, general high school physics, conceptual high school physics, introductory college freshman level physics, and even useful for home school and middle school audiences as parents can use the comic images as they keep their kid entertained to learn physics concepts that are otherwise abstract and more bland in traditional science books.


Inside, the various versions of the books offer lesson plans as through as the word problems found in a AP physics textbook -- including every subject found in classical physics such as

Kinematics, projectile motion, free falls, rotational motion, Newton’s laws, momentum, energy, gravity, oscillations, angular momentum and depending what volume purchased, even wave mechanics and an introduction to electricity. These comic narratives have been beta tested with multiple classes as taught at the high school and college level, and I'm proud to say they have been met with great success and appreciation from students taking physics. 


As a college professor, high school physics teacher and educator having taught physics for more than several years, I discovered the key to education is entertainment while subliminally staying educational in your material. I have discovered ways of doing this by tying physics with humor, physics with human physiology and physics lessons serving as great metaphors to detect the mechanics and idiosyncrasies of the human condition, and physics training in problem solving to enhance any hand abilities to solve any political, social or personal problem better even if they never become trained to become physicists.  


For this all ties with my mission statement: "By blending colorful dialogue, cartoons, off-beat humor, and pop culture together, Jack Dogg Physics™️ is an educational resource to help you survive the modern world."


 - C. S.